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Do you struggle with hot or cold temperatures?
UThermic.com Lets You Discover & Shop the World's Leading Personal Heating & Cooling Products
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"Together, let's create a world where temperature has no limitations on the human experience"
The Personal Heating & Cooling Category is rapidly growing, and thousands of people, just like you, who have a hard time in either cold or hot environments are turning to innovative products that enable you to live with fewer restrictions and more comfort in your day-to-day life. 
UThermic.com exists to connect and match you with product solutions from the world's top brands and experts - to help you make informed, conscious decisions on what will provide you and your loved ones with the most benefits in order to live the best life possible. No matter the temperature!
If you have a cold or heat-related medical condition, love to play in the outdoors, or dislike being 'too cold' or 'too hot', you are in the right place!

If you are a new or existing brand with market-proven products in either heating or cooling, you are in the right place!

If you specialize in human thermoregulation, temperature related physiology, heated or cooling technology/manufacturing, energy reduction in buildings, you are in the right place!

UThermic.com offers a world class shopping experience that is personalized to meet your needs as the customer
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You deserve to live your best life, no matter where you are or what you are doing. And now you can...
  •  You are not alone: 1 in 10 people identify or have been clinically diagnosed with a form of cold or heat intolerance that affects their daily quality of life
  •  Whether you are one of those people who are 'Always Freezing' or someone that is 'Continuously Hot & Sweaty' there are now solutions to help improve the way you live and carry out the things you want or need to do in your daily life
  •  If you fit into any one of the following groups, we can help you discover and learn about them in order to make the most informed purchasing decisions:
  •  Sports & Outdoor Recreation: Summer and Winter
  •  Daily Living: Life at home, Sleeping, Daily commute, Parent/Kids hobbies, Daily tasks and errands
  •  Workplace: Cold or hot office buildings, Mining, Construction, Civil Works
  •  Health & Medical: Raynaud's Syndrome, Muscle injury and recovery, Arthritis and MS
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We Love our brand partners and value these key attributes and needs:
  •  Market proven brands with high customer advocacy and product adoption
  • Have strong core values that are rooted in driving our world forward and creating better lives for a global population
  •  Brands that love educating and interacting with the people using their products
  •  Founders and teams who have a vision and mission to solve the day-to-day restrictions and discomfort caused by temperature
  •  Brands looking for increased monthly sales revenues and to help offset seasonality
  •  Brands and products looking for increased, measurable awareness
  •  Teams who want and need their marketing dollars used to get the highest ROI with minimal risk
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UThermic is bringing together the following groups to bring awareness, education and partnership opportunities for customers and brands
  •  Universities: Students, PhD's, Professors
  •  Scientists and specialists in all educational aspects of human thermoregulation
  •  Workplace Health and safety experts
  •  R&D Laboratories and Manufacturers
  •  Government organisations and representatives (e.g. US Dept. Energy)
  •  Federal, State and local grant/funding providers
  •  Active Investors with industry knowledge and open portfolios
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